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27 Jun 2009  

Windows 7 Ultimate retail // Windows 7 build 7264 x64, Vista Home Premium SP2 x64

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I am sure this has been asked before but I didn't really know how to search for it, here it goes.

I have heard horror stories about upgrading to a new OS from and old one (95 to 98, 98 to Me, Me to XP, etc, etc) and that it is better to buy the full version and start with a clean slate... is there any truth to that? Are the Marketing Nazis behind this myth just to make you spend, yet, more money?

Frankly, I have never purchased any Microsoft OS until SP1 is out due to the bugs and glitches but, after testing the Windows 7 RC, not to its fullest of course, but to the extent of my liking, which by the way, is as far as I am ever going to take it anyways, I am thinking of dumping Vista x64 and just stick to 7.

Sure, there are still things that I can't do with 7 that I used to be able to do with XP easily but I am managing w/o them or trying to be patient with it... of course, that is not here nor there!
You can do a clean install if you buy the upgrade version, as long as you owned vista or xp. And the upgrade disk is cheaper. You boot into vista, run the disk and then run the 7 disk and tell it to do a clean install. Thats how xp to vista was anyway.
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