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27 Jun 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

I seriously need a truckload of dead chickens, voodoo dolls and a couple of high level priests qualified to do exorcisms.

Ok as my system config mentions I have two identical laptops (the second one is for business continuity disaster recovery or just trying Win7 things out before I mess with my production laptop). As part of the DR plan I make a system image of the primary laptop then load that system image onto the secondary laptop.

Now the original registry hack was done on the primary laptop. It was the one that "lost" the additional CommandStore\shell reg entries.

I thought ok I will apply the supplied reg hack download files to the secondary laptop (as Brink suggested). The hack worked perfectly as I would expect. Now what is wierd and requires the dead chickens is that I had the primary laptop running regedit next to the secondary laptop.

When I confirmed that the reg hack file had done its job on the secondary laptop I went back to the primary laptop and to my surprise the CommandStore\shell entries that were previously missing had magically (que sound of Twilight Zone doo doo doo doo) reappeared.

Before anyone wonders - I manually change the computer name and IP addresses (I use static IP) after I load the system image of the primary laptop on the secondary laptop. So there is (as far as I can tell no name or network overlap between them).

I am totally mistified...
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