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27 Jun 2011  

Ultimate 32 bit
(Better) Is It Possible to Change The Time To Close 2nd Explorer.exe?

I am experiencing issues with explorer.exe (I found many reports on the web on this), not showing drives or control panel icons, or stop responding (win 7 32 bit Ult.)
I set to open a separate process to explore windows and I got the chance to look for a better file manager and got Directory Opus and set it as the default file manager.
(I use a Dell Precision notebook with certified hardware)

The explorer is still used for some windows, mainly control panel and device and printers.

If the process stands there for a while, at some time, it will start to create issues. With a new 2nd explorer.exe is quite sure it will work.

Checking the task manager I see that the 2nd explorer.exe waits for about 45 s to exit after the last windows close. Is there a place where I could reduce this?

(waiting for some windows fix) The overall impact is quite reduced as I do not use explorer to browse files, but I would know if there is a place where I could set a shorter delay to close explorer.exe after the latest window closes.

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