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27 Jun 2011  

Ultimate 32 bit
Here's Why Two Explorer

The need is to avoid that having to close the explorer.exe as it quite often create problems of cpu or unresponsiveness , kills the explorer running the desktop (menus and bar).

The setting is in the task bar settings. But the second explorer shutdown occurs after more than 45 s after the last browsing window closes.

I use this notebook on customers' sites and some times critic levels are not compatible with a notebook which create problems where it should simply work, at least for its basic functions on a >>certified hardware<<. But this another story.

I found a good replacement for explorer, but I would need to avoid any misbehavior, and, waiting for a fix from Microsoft, I found that having explorer.exe (That separate browser) shutting down as soon as possible after the last window closes is the better way get a new control panel or control panel item showing up every time. But the time the process waits to exit is more than 45 s.
If I made a mistake in network and sharing center and need to go back to that, I could forget and risk that the notebook could become unresponsive.
Not all the control panel items open in explorer.exe but some and that related to network use explorer.exe to show up.

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