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04 Jul 2011  

windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and 64 bit, vista, windows xp, ubuntu, sme, fedora, linux mint + some

Hi Guys
I understand your frustration at things when they dont work like they are supposed relation to the topic posted (the briefcase windows 7) i never really used them but after reading this i thought i would create one and give it a bash. I created a briefcase on my desktop and on my flash drive and named them the same name (briefcase). Inside each briefcase i placed a .txt file with 1 or 2 lines of information...also named same name as each other (file1.txt). Then i removed the thumb drive and inserted into another machine running win 7, opened the .txt file and modified it, saved it and ejected the drive and reinserted back into main PC. I then right clicked the briefcase that was on my desktop and selected "update all", to which a window opened indicating that there was a difference and something needed an update. I then proceeded with the update by clicking "Update". I then opened each text file to check...each text file was the same...the latest file had successfully updated the other one...i thought maybe i had fluked something so i did it a few more times...sometimes i modified the text file on my main pc and updated the flash drive and vice versa...I have to honestly say i found no problem whatsoever with the briefcase and have come to the conclusion that you may be doing something wrong...i didnt need to sync anything or do any extra things...exactly what i typed is what i did...i have both files inside their own briefcase and i used identical names...i never tried it across a network or domain...what it did was good enough for me and because i saw it work and know it works then i would imagine that it would work across a network also...
I hope i havent upset anyone with this post but i really think you need to check what your doing is the right way to do it...BTW mod9k i find windows 7 networks fine i have 6 machines set up here...3 with windows 7 one with xp one with sme centos and one with linux mint...all networked, all transfering files and all pc's can see each other and perform tasks quite well. I even have some virtual machines that are networked with windows 7....i have 2 windows 7 machines within arms reach and i use synergy (sort of a virtual kvm switch) via the network so i dont have to use different keyboard and mouse...the same keyboard and mouse works on both machines...i like windows 7
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