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05 Jul 2011  

Win 7 Home Premium x64

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Why not download to the new IE9
I think it will solve the problem.
Internet Explorer - Microsoft Windows
There is one particular website I have to use that specifically says it is not compatible with IE9. It is a gov't website so who knows why or when they will say it is ok to use IE9.

I wonder if this thread should be moved to user accounts because I am starting to think it is related to that. I enabled the guest account and sure enough the website worked fine with IE8. So that is two other accounts on the computer where it works fine.

Now here is another issue I've stumbled across. Both other accounts show a Windows Media Player add-on in IE8. But my account does not. Nowhere. I don't think it is the cause of this issue but I wonder why I don't have that add-on. Any ideas on how to get it? I certainly have WMP although I don't really use it, until today of course when I set it up to see if I could get the add-on.

Now regarding this issue of not being able to listen to the online show. According to their site the player uses Flash. Which I have. I uninstalled it/reinstalled it but that made no difference.

So knowing that other accounts on the computer can get this website to run I'm starting to wonder if creating a new account for me will work. Lots of work it seems. Will have to transfer over 70GB of data and I know it adds extra crap on the computer. But I am stuck. There is no reason why I should not be able to get that website to work for me other than something related to my user account I fear.
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