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06 Jul 2011  

Question regarding upgrading from Vista to Seven


I bought a used computer from swap shop so my son and I can use it. It's a used dell computer. Bought it for $100 without even knowing that it works. Guy gave his word that it works. We only want to use it for browsing the internet for facebook, youtube or reading e-mails. My son is young and I don't need to use any other uses of a computer such as outlook e-mail, documents...
Anyways, After I put it and it states that Vista Windows is locked because it wasn't activated. After a quick search on the internet, says that vista should be activated within 30 days, if not, needs to be purchased. Computer does not have Vista keys attached nor came with any cd, booklets, box...
I went back to swap shop to see the guy but his space is empty, he's not there.
I'm planning on purchasing Windows Seven and install it on this computer.

My question is after putting the Windows Seven disc in, will I be able to install Seven and will it go over Vista so it won't give me problems?
Microsoft shows it at $199, is it the same price everywhere, can I get it cheaper anywhere else?

Thank you for your help.
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