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06 Jul 2011  


Stormy13, thank you for your reply. It's a Dell OptiPlex 755. $199 was the cheapest I saw. I won't be using the pc other than browsing the internet (youtube, facebook, reading e-mails and newspapers). If there is a cheaper version of Seven for these purposes (yb, fb, listening music, videos), please let me know.
if I purchase that "Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 32-bit - OEM" disc from that link, will I be able to put in the disc drive and install it over Vista without any issues? $99 is a good price.

Bobkn, thank you for your reply. There is no any kind of sticker on the computer except a sticker that says OptiPlex 755. It did not come with any books or discs. I do not have extra money to buy a new computer but if I can afford the $99 Windows 7 disc if I can be able to install it on this computer: Dell OptiPlex 755 which I purchased for $100. As you can see, if I don't do this $99 install, the Dell computer I bought will be a waste.

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