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07 Jul 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 [6.1.7601]
Desperately needed help on BSOD

It is really a hard and random job registering here, activating and typing this post with a randomly BSOD windows

with each cycle 1-5 minutes...

Mostly identified bug check is 1E and 3B, some 109 and once 7E.

I've tried to find a minidump in C:\windows\minidump and wanted some more information from it.

But with more than 10 times crashing in an hour, not any dump generated is up-to-date... I still found 8 dumps date

back to march, and no extras. I can only trace all those crashes back from Event viewer.

for 1E bug check, most likely it gives all 0x0 parameters
for 3B, it always begin with Para1 0xc0000005

Well... I'm getting angry with windows. It does not crash while I'm playing games such as crysis 2 and all kinds of

demanding games, but always within a couples of minutes when I try to collect information from the internet about



I get BSOD even in safemode, nothing is safe.

It seems once it crashed for once, it will continue to crash for a period of time, until some how it become stable

again, completely kill the power to eliminate data on RAM won't help stopping BSOD. And once it become stable, it

may take a couple of days before a new round of BSOD.
(Now it doesn't crash after crashing for a whole hour...)

I've kept constantly updating my display, audio driver to the newest stable release.

My system:
Asus P8P67
Intel i7-2600
Corsair 2GB * 4
Geforce 570 GTX
850W PSU
Purchased OEM version and installed myself
System is about 3 month, windows is about 3 month
My System SpecsSystem Spec