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08 Jul 2011  

Windows 7 Pro x64
BSOD on brand new computer

Hello. I recently built a new computer and its been running ok. But I'm having a nagging problem I can't quite seem to figure out. Basically, whenever I'm playing GFX intensive games like Crysis II and Starcraft II my computer will randomly lock up, make this really annoying sound almost like a *BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ* coming from the speakers. Kind of like a really fast looping sound, not sure how else to describe it. Sometimes the game will come back and other times I will get this BSOD error. At first I thought my GFX card was faulty so I bought a brand new one with no avail.

Although this problem is most common while playing high end games, it has happened randomly by just me being on the computer or playing something like WC3 which should just run fine, but for whatever reason...

Windows 7 Professional 64
4 Gigs of RAM
GTS 450 1 Gig
1 Terabyte SATA Harddrive
Intel i5-2300 2.80GHz

I installed Windows 7 myself, so It didn't come pre-installed.

Attached is the stuff you guys asked for. I really hope somebody can help me, because this is a extremely frustrating after spending 1000~ on a computer that shouldn't have ANY problems.
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