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11 Jul 2011  

Windows 7

Thanks for the explanation Anak --- this does help a lot. The first method is what I had tried originally and only the C: drive shows up -- this still is the case. I also tried Britton's method, and once again, only the C: drive shows up.

Perhaps it's not showing up because of something in the bootup ---- when I bootup, I cannot have the flash drive in the hub or it will not boot up. Once I boot up without it plugged in, it's fine and I then plug it in. Someone told me how to change it so it would boot up with the flash drive in the hub, but it's sort of above and beyond me, so I've opted to not do that.

Guess I'll keep search on the "I" drive like I have been -- rather than hunt ad peck, it's hunt and search. It's worked pretty good, just thought there might be an easier way.

Thanks again for your information and help. I appreciate you.

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