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11 Jul 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Graphics Card Overheating

Just to mention first, I am not overclocking my video card.

I've been having an issue in the past few weeks with my video card overheating. At first it was overheating whenever I run any game for an hour or more. These games are not beyond my computer's capabilities because I have been able to run them with no problems in the past for many hours at a time. I narrowed it down to the most recent driver being screwy, so I rolled back.

Now, while it doesn't overheat if I'm playing, it WILL overheat if I'm idled on the main/title screen, while I'm away. No matter what game it is, or however low the graphics are set or are natively, my card will shoot up in temperature after only a few minutes of idling on the title screens.

Example: I was playing Empire: Total War for about an hour and a half, with my card topping out at about 65-70 C. When I left for half an hour, I exited back to the title screen, which is not at all graphic intensive. I come back and the temperature is reading 105 C.

I'd like to know how to solve this issue, since it's only become an issue recently (RIGHT after the warranty ended....). I just find it weird that I can play something graphic intensive just fine, but I can't idle on a low graphics screen.

I'm using a nVidia Geforce 9500 GT 512 MB 128-bit for reference and I'm checking the temperatures with SpeedFan. If you need to know anything else about my computer, let me know.
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