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11 Jul 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

I'm not sure what audiodg.exe does as nothing appears to happen. And I don't see anything related to the control panel in the Realtek folder. I tried everything in there earlier, I can launch the "audio manager" a few different ways (that's where the black-and-white speaker icon in my system tray is coming from, but I don't get the typical orange icon that's supposed to link to the control panel) but I have no way to open the control panel except the broken link under Windows' Control Panel.

Also forgot to mention, I ran a diagnostic from the boot menu and the headphone jack works fine, just to prove it's a software issue that I need to fix from the reluctant realtek control panel.

A few things I noticed about the Realtek installation:
1)It uses the same version for 7 as vista anyways (1 download file, the folders it creates are under ...\Vista64\...
2)Every time I run the installer, just as it finishes I get a weird error from Windows: Host process "Rundll32.exe" has stopped working and was closed. ??
3)I don't even have a folder in my start menu for Realtek Audio...depending which installer I use I sometimes get it or right now I have a folder for "Dell Audio by Realtek" which will launch the manager (black-and-white icon) but has nothing for the Control Panel.
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