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11 Jul 2011  

Windows 7 x64 Professional
More problems! CD/DVD!

So yes I had a thread about my computer not wanting to start up well, here is another problem, I went and bought a new wireless card for my computer D-link Extreme 3 antenna's 67 bucks, so I installed it into my computer, and then try starting my computer up hey what do you know it does not work again! so I tried the paper clip trick and unplugged everything and the power supply booted, and then I plugged everything back in and it turned on, barely. Now my cd/dvd drive won't power on I have tried switching between different power sources on from the power supply and nothing it won't boot at all, I went into the boot sequence and it shows it in there so I am starting to wonder what is going on! :\ I am starting to think my power supply is starting to die.
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