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13 Jul 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit

To Chevy 65: I just found this discussion and I am having problems getting the "Share with Specific People" function to work, and you mentioned in an earlier post that this was not easy but that you could post the process. I really need this process!!

I have 3 computers running Win 7 Premium on a homegroup LAN that I would like to be able to share files between them but not with other computers on the network. Each of these computers has 2 users with identical IDs and passwords, yet I can't get the "share with specific people" to work - only share with everyone on the homegroup.

It would appear that this should not be a hard process but apparently there are some settings that need to be made that I am not aware of. I have been searching sites for days and have yet to find anything definitive that lays out all of the steps required to have this work.

Your assistance would be appreciated!!
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