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20 Jul 2011  

Win 7 Professional
XP does not see new physical HDD

Have Win 7 pro and virtual XP. Just installed a new, second, physical HDD in Win 7, drive D:. Everything is normal in Win 7. But why does this drive not show up in the XP My Computer under Hard Disk Drives? Can I do something to get it in there? If not, how can I access it from XP? I have tried sharing, integration enabled, etc. and just about everything else and while I can map the drive in XP, I always get access denied if I try to open it. And it is shared with everyone and all permissions are enabled.

Best case would be for XP just to see a second Local Drive. Otherwise is there a tutorial for sharing/mapping a Win 7 drive into XP. Searched a lot but could not find a solution.

Thanks a lot.

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