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21 Jul 2011  

Windows 7 64-bit
My Device(s) Can't "See" my Media Center PC

When I built my PC two weeks ago I named it ADAMA-PC. After putting my files back on it, I activated Windows Media Center and shared my music and my videos.

ADAMA-PC is my host computer, and my client devices are as follows:
Samsung TV, PS3, Xbox360

Everything was going well. I can access my music and my videos on all three devices until yesterday.

The only thing I remembered changing was the name and workgroup of my host computer. From ADAMA-PC, I changed it to just ADAMA. And from WORKGROUP, I called it GALACTICA.

I am not sure that is the culprit, but that is what I remember changing. Any ideas how I can get my host PC running again? Thank you.

The host PC, TV, PS3 and 360 are all part of the same subnet.

1) I tried to un-check and check various folders on my Media Libraries to see if that changes anything - NO CHANGE
2) I removed/uninstalled Windows Media Center from Programs and Features > Windows Features On/Off, restarted, installed it back, restarted. When I tried to re-configure WMC, my assigned folders are still in the Libraries. - NO CHANGE

I am thinking of wiping out the settings of the WMC as my next course of action, since going through Step 2 above did not erase my settings. Unfortunately, I don't know where to go to do this. I tried opening WMC from work and there was a setup process it went through before I got to the main WMC Home. How can I get my host PC to do that if its WMC has been previously configured?

Besides a clean re-install of the OS, can you guys point me to the right direction?

Thank you.

Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
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