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22 Jul 2011  

MS Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit

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My Windows 7 has System Restore and my (Comcast) Norton Internet Security Suite has Backup. I assume that I should use one or the other, but not both. Any advice or opinions about which is better, especially in not slowing down performance?
Win 7 System Restore is NOT a system backup.

Win 7 Backup and Restore IS a system backup.

I am a strong advocate for Win 7 Backup and Restore.

I have also been able to avoid untold woes by using the Win 7 System Restore.

since I'm lazy and do not care to go into a long dissertation, let me suggest:
WIN + F1 key combo | type System Restore
WIN + F1 key combo | type System Backup

WIN is the key with with wavy Microsoft flag on top.

the system restore information is good. The system backup information can be confusing.

To further complicate understanding, there is System Repair.

A System Repair Disc can save your bacon. I recommend making one.

A System Repair Disc is not System Restore disc.

All of these similar terms can be very confusing and bewildering to a win 7 beginner.

I do recommend making a System Image Backup using Win 7 Backup and Restore. For this we have an excellent tutorial.

I recommend purchasing an external usb drive an making a System Image backup.

If you decide to make a system image backup, then I'll gladly provide a couple of guiding words to complement the tutorial and avoid unnecessary confusion.

For the system repair disc, all you need is a CD.

START | type System Repair | Enter key | Create Disc button
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