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22 Jul 2011  

Linux CENTOS 7 / various Windows OS'es and servers

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Thanks a lot for the helpful discussion and instructions. Worked well for me. Just seems kind of crazy that a physical drive, in the box, has to be a network drive as if it were 1,000 miles away. Just one of many things about the VM that has me mystified and not particularly pleased.

Thanks again.


Hi there
remember a VM is to all intents and purposes just like a separate machine (even if it's on your own box) and therefore it's a second machine and as a consequence to connect to devices on your host it will behave as a second machine on a LAN (i.e on a network) Network.

Note - the VM could actually be on a remote server and you would connect to it just the same.

In fact a lot of times in larger offices when you might think you have connected to their computer system / server it could be a "Virtual Machine" being run form some server farm a long way away.

It's the whole point of Virtual Machines -- to make them as near as possible behave just like physical machines.

In the commercial world since modern servers are so powerful it's quite often to see several different customers having their own personal office "Virtual Servers" supplied from maybe say an independent Data / Server "Farm" since the remote data centre could supply loads of these and it's often cheaper this way than a customer buying their own machine.

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