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25 Jul 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit
Please help me!

please, please help me! i have exhausted my knowledge of computers to fix this problem, but nothing has helped. i will start from the beginning, please spare the lectures as no one could beat me up more about this as i am already.

i downloaded 3 games from a torrent website. 2 i could not get to work and one did. i was playing this game yesterday, no problems.

i have gone to turn on the laptop today and it will not boot up windows. it either restarts or i get BSOD. i am currently running windows through safe mode with networking.

first of all i deleted all traces of the games, restarting did not fix the problem.

my first suspicion was a virus. i ran microsoft security essentials which did not detect any trojans. it DID pick up 3 trojans which MSE had allowed without my consent, regardless of the fact that it was set up to always ask.

i had no idea how to deal with these, so went onto google. after some searching i found the following link, and i followed the instructions accordingly.

Microsoft security essentials "allowed" a trojan on my computer? - Yahoo! Answers

the spyware found 41 trojans, which i deleted, restarted the laptop and was greeted once again with BSOD.

i am now at a loss, and am particularly unwell today with strep throat

please please help me!

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