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26 Jul 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Screen Saver flicker before showing login prompt

This has been an issue with every version of Windows since .. probably Win2k. Maybe earlier. I just never got around to looking for a solution (though at this point, there probably isn't one).

Here's what happens:
  1. You have enabled password protection on your screensaver
  2. The screensaver goes active (doesn't matter if you locked your computer or if it idle-timed into the SS)
  3. You perform an action (wiggle the mouse, hit a key, whatever) that causes the screensaver to stop and present you with a login-prompt
  4. For a brief moment before the login-prompt is presented your desktop along with all running apps are visible

Although I don't have objectionable wallpaper or apps or such, I dislike that anyone that bumps my mouse gets a free "peak" at whatever is running on my desktop while I'm away.

Does anyone know of a way to tighten it down so that the very instant that the screensaver stops the login-prompt is displayed?

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