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29 Jul 2011  

Windows 10 Pro x64

The only reasons you'd get a 4107 is if the CRL on your machine is expired (requiring the manual intervention in the KB), or if the date was off (which you've validated is not). Unfortunately, you can't update the certificiate list if your current one is expired (which is normal for certificates, so it's not specifically a Microsoft issue), hence why there's a fixit to manually replace it.

However, if that doesn't work, you probably have an underlying CAPI issue on the machine itself, hence why it got out of date in the first place. What we need at this point are CAPI logs:
  1. Open Event Viewer
  2. Expand Application and Services Logs
  3. Expand Microsoft, expand Windows, and expand CAPI2
  4. Right-click "Operational" and click "Enable Log"
  5. Allow the log to collect events until the next 4107 is logged, and then use the same steps above to disable the log
  6. Save All the events in that log as an .evtx file, and then zip and upload the compressed log file (if it's too big for the boards, you may have to share from a file hosting site)
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