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02 Aug 2011  

Windows 7
Web Page Load Slow

Hi, I will try to be thorough and include as much information as possible to help (So might be a big post).

So recently my internet was cut off due to not paying the bill but got it back and running after doing so but after paying the bill the internet had considerably slowed down in a sense. Weirdly to load web pages and any web page takes a considerable time difference to before but when running speed tests the results say the speed isn't different.

I have tried various things:
Reset modem and router and turned off various times.
Tried changing the DNS server in router settings and also network adapter.
Used Namebench to try and find a better DNS server but coming back with mine being fastest

My computer is hooked up to router which is connected to modem where two other laptops connect wirelessly which are also having these slow problems. I have checked the service providers site and there is no outages or problems of the lines supposedly at the moment.

When I run network diagnostics it comes up with this error eventually "Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or the resource ( is not responding" don't know if that helps.

Some Stats:
Modem: 2Wire Gateway 2071-A
Router: D-Link DIR 300
Operating System: Windows 7 32 bit

Oz Broadband Speed Test Results:
Test run on 02/08/2011 @ 09:00 PM
Mirror: TPG
Data: 9 MB
Test Time: 6.88 secs
Your line speed is 10.99 Mbps (10985 kbps).
Your download speed is 1.34 MB/s (1373 KB/s).

From that you see that speeds are not bad but my web browsing is still weirdly slow in comparison to those speeds, sometimes taking a few minutes just to load a web page like facebook or hotmail.

Well thats enough hope you can help me figure out what the problem is.
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