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02 Aug 2011  

Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
USB 3.0 Ports Not Working with USB 3.0 Devices

Greetings! Sorry if this has been covered but Seven Forums search isn't working atm -- I search for USB 3.0 and I get no results! I went through pages of posts and read all relevant posts but they haven't resolved my problem.


OS: win 7 pro 64 sp1
mobo: asrock x58 extreme6
cpu: i7 970

No overclocking, nothing else goofy going on.

I have two USB 3.0 devices and when I plug them in to USB 2.0 ports, they both are recognized. One is a drive and it fires right up. I can access it without issue. Another is a Black Magic Intensity Shuttle. The shuttle makes not promises about working with USB 2.0 but the important thing is that the USB 2.0 ports are working and both devices appear to be working.

Now, USB 2.0 devices work with my USB 3.0 ports as well.

I've updated the firmware to 3028 on both my NEC USB 3.0 controllers. I'm also running the latest drivers and NECs usb controller utility shows both controllers and reports no errors. USB 3.0 is listed as "enabled" in the BIOS.

I'm happy to post more info or run diagnostics at will. I'm really stuck!
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