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06 Aug 2011  

Windows 7 64bit
NTLDR is Missing error. Dead Hard Drives to blame?

Here is my situation. About 8 months ago I had fixed up my computer, got new a harddrive, upgraded the processor and videocards, yadda yadda. Only problem was, I haddn't been able to use the computer for 8 months. It was sitting at my old house, and unfortunately I never got to confirm if it actually worked. I had it shipped overseas, and they butcherd it. The case was badly smashed, the internals were a mess, I had to reconnect everything. It was bad.

Now for the best part, Every time I boot up I get the NTLDR is missing, I read up on some fixes, and found that pretty much I can only boot from the DVD drive. I am using a repair disk, and when I get to the repair options I get a Problem, " Problem has occured. Cannot repair."

I am running command prompt, I can't access anything but the D: drive. All other options do not seem to work. Is this ultimately indicative of a dead hard drive?

If it is fixable is there any ways besides a full reformat?
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