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12 Aug 2011  

Windows 7
Saved document lost

I hope I can explain this adequately. I use a website ( from which you can save an image on your harddrive. I went to save and the usual window opened up which was "documents library" though basically "my documents" folder - I saved to a folder within this location. When exiting the website and going to "my documents" folder, it was not there. I realized at this time, actually, that I've had this problem before. Though the file was definitely saved, it does not show up even in a search of the entire C drive. Returning to Ancestry, this time, instead of saving to the default folder, I went to C - users - my user name. This time there was a "Documents" folder in the list. Not "My Documents" - just plain "Documents." THAT was where the previously saved file was. I still cannot find it anywhere on my harddrive with a search, nor is there any plain "Documents." folder when I try to access it outside the saving process. I read this discussion on the difference between "documents" and "my documents" and it seems as if there's not really supposed to be a difference. My experience doesn't jive with that, but I have NO idea what the answer is. If it was just an Ancestry document, it would be annoying rather than important. However, my son also lost a work-related document he thought he saved in somewhat the same situation. Can someone please explain this (in somewhat simple terms) so I can avoid the problem? Thank you!
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