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13 Aug 2011  


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Thank you for your reply!
I understand what you're saying and I understand the concept of "Library." What I DON'T understand is why a file I saved is not in the folder I saved it in and why doesn't it show up in ANY search. I know it's there, because if I try to resave it, I'm asked whether I want to replace it.
So why not save a copy of it on the desktop?
Or when the save dialog box pops up, copy the filename in the save as field and search your pc for it. it should show up...

It could have been saved (doubtful) as a hidden file and your setup has hidden files/folders invisible.
With all due respect allend66, that would only work for saving an occasional file. If the OP has, like many of us, hundreds or thousands of files that we're saving, we can't possibly save them to the Desktop. And can you imagine how cumbersome it would be, if you had to copy the filename of every single one of these 100s to 1,000s of files to search for every one of them. Wow! What a time consuming unnecessary effort that would be!

No, to me there are only two reasonable choices: One is to be able to set up a default location for all files of a certain type to be saved, for example, in my case, I save all of my work documents to my "Documents" folder, but in the music and video catagories, I have default locations pre-set so that each type of music or video file is saved to the specific location of my choice.

The other option would be to just not use Libraries at all --- problem solved!

Clairespin, here's some help for you:
Working with libraries
Library Guide:
Inside Windows 7:Introducing Libraries - from MSDN Magazine at Microsoft
Customize a library

You can also DELETE or REMOVE your Libraries Folder.
NOTE: There's a big distinction between DELETING a folder location from a Library and REMOVING the folder from the Library. DELETING from Libraries does delete from the true location of the file! "REMOVING a location" from the library, is entirely different and is not considered "deleting." It simply means that that location is no longer part of the Library.

DELETE ‘LIBRARY’ or ‘FOLDERS within Library’
Libraries Folder - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane – Delete Library
How To Disable and Remove Libraries from Windows 7 Explorer My Digital Life

You can delete the Library itself and/or any folder within a Library. Here's what Microsoft says (at Windows 7 Libraries: Frequently Asked Questions):

When you “remove” a folder location from a Library, you remove only the Library view of that folder. Removing a folder location from a Library doesn’t actually delete the folder or its files.

How to Remove a Included Folder from a Library in Windows 7
How to Add or Remove the Windows 7 Libraries Folder FROM THE NAVIGATION PANE
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