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18 Aug 2011  

Windows Home Basic x64
Unable to install Win 7

Hi! I'm having the next problem, and hope somebody could help me please...

My laptop is a Dell inspiron 1545, not actually sure about other stuff of hardware.
Sofware Windows 7 Home Basic with original dell Recover Cd.

Two months ago, I was working in some homework when it freezes at all, and stays that way for about 10 minutes, so I force the shut down. When I restarted, It ask for a Start Repair, so I do, but It was unable to Repair... I mean, it was actually unable to enter to the repair options neither from the Repair CD... just freezes at the Win background image and no options shown... I wasn't sure what to do because I wasn't even able to format from the CD, I tried Live Cd's, but was the same problem, Win just didn't charge, so I download Ubuntu and decided to installed it over Windows after backing up all my files... then I run the Win Recover CD and reinstall Win 7... It was ok until yesterday, when the exact same problem began! The computer freezes, I force the shot down again (after nearly 5 hours, because I was afraid the same problem to happen and didn't want to format again and reinstall all my programs)... finally I've got the same exact problem, so I back up my new files and very unhappy try the past solution, only this time I wasn't able to Reinstall Win 7, even I format all partitions... I have being trying like 100 times and it always the same: the laptop freezes during installation (while compleating installation) and it's unable to do anything else, but reinstall Ubuntu... I'm totally desperate 'cause I really love Win and want it back, but don't really know how to... please somebody help me...

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