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20 Aug 2011  
AA light

Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit , Window 7
Where is my system reserved partition,please ?

Hello all,

First of all, i am not that good in english ; therefore ,please try to understand what i try to explain.

I formerly install window xp in drive C , having reserved disk in drive D - 49.8 GB free of 49.9 GB in which I donít install anything and no hidden file. I recently install window 7 in drive E and backup system partition (C and E ) separately .

However, During backup window 7 partition (E) by third party software, it suggest to backup reserve partition (automatically ticked in C letter partition). My question is where is the location of system reserved partition of window 7 in drive C and how to access to it also what is 0.1 GB in drive D , please?

One more query , what is the effect of installing window 7 in window? ie. clean install window xp and install window 7 from window XP. ( in case of inability to boot from optical drive or unsuccessfully create bootable usb)

Any information or suggestion will be appreciated.

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