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20 Aug 2011  

Windows 7 Pro x64 (1), Win7 Pro X64 (2)

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Hello all,

First of all, i am not that good in english ; therefore ,please try to understand what i try to explain.

I formerly install window xp in drive C , having reserved disk in drive D - 49.8 GB free of 49.9 GB in which I don’t install anything and no hidden file. I recently install window 7 in drive E and backup system partition (C and E ) separately .

However, During backup window 7 partition (E) by third party software, it suggest to backup reserve partition (automatically ticked in C letter partition). My question is where is the location of system reserved partition of window 7 in drive C and how to access to it also what is 0.1 GB in drive D , please?

One more query , what is the effect of installing window 7 in window? ie. clean install window xp and install window 7 from window XP. ( in case of inability to boot from optical drive or unsuccessfully create bootable usb)

Any information or suggestion will be appreciated.
It's not entirely clear what your hard drive(s) look like. One hard drive with multiple partitions? Multiple hard drives, with multiple partitions?

It would allow us to better answer your questions if you will post a screenshot from DISKMGMT (both from WinXP and Win7, so that we can see what both OS's think) that shows your hard drive layout. Please maximize the window and spread the columns so that we can see all the text, before you take the screenshot.

Once we see what DISKMGMT sees, it will be possible to answer your questions accurately.

Just one observation, however. I'm guessing that your Win7 is probably 32-bit, and not 64-bit. Yes?

Also, I'm guessing you ran the 32-bit Win7 installation DVD while you were booted to 32-bit WinXP. This would explain how you ended up with Win7 installed on drive E (as seen by WinXP as well as Win7), and not on C from its own 64-bit perspective.

If you'd wanted to install 64-bit Win7 you could not have run the Win7 install while under 32-bit WinXP, but rather would have to have booted directly from the Win7 installation disc, and you would have ended up with 64-bit Win7 on the same physical "E" partition, but it would have been lettered C from Win7's perspective and E from WinXP's perspective.

Anyway, seeing both screenshots from DISKMGMT, from both WinXP and Win7, will answer all the speculation.

One other observation... when you install Win7 as a second Windows, with WinXP already installed as your first Windows, the Win7 boot manager files get placed into the "active" primary partition which is WinXP itself. Normally, in a standalone Win7 environment this would have been created as a small 100MB (i.e. .1GB) "System Reserved" partition. But with an already existing WinXP partition, there is no need for a true small System Reserved partition. The WinXP partition serves the same purpose since it's "active" and primary, and thus the Win7 boot manager files can go there.

So with WinXP already installed, that partition is "active" and thus where Win7 boot manager files go. That "active" partition is certainly crucial to the bootability of Win7, so your 3rd-party backup product is probably referring to your WinXP partition to include in your system backup when it points to "C" and pre-checks it. It's thinking that it must be System Reserved, but we know it's actually the WinXP partition. Nevertheless, it really IS pertinent for a system image backup, since it IS critical to restore in order to preserve the bootability of Win7 since that's where the Win7 boot manager files were placed that then allow you to boot to either WinXP or Win7.

Again, this suggests that Win7 sees itself on E and the WinXP "active" partition as C, again suggesting that you installed a 32-bit Win7 while booted to WinXP to read the Setup program on the Win7 installation disc.

I don't know what the .1GB in D could be. We'll look into that later.

Please post the two DISKMGMT screenshots.
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