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20 Aug 2011  

WIndows 7 Pro
User account "hidden" when trying to retrieve files from another PC

I have been out of the computer repair world for a few years now, and have not dealt with fixing windows 7 PCs much at all. The wifes windows 7 laptop crashed, and I need to reinstall windows. I popped her hard drive out and hooked it up to my computer via an external USB enclosure. The drive comes but her user account appears to be "hidden", I only see a "default" and "public" user account. I know her account is there because their is a lot of used hard drive space that is not accounted for with the folder shown. I somewhat recall this being a security feature way back when when vista was coming out?? I have messed around with the securities, permissions, and ownership of the drive but I still can't see her user account.
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