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20 Aug 2011  
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Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit , Window 7

@ dsperber thank for suggestion, please see drive D as in attached file

Where is my system reserved partition,please ?-drive-d.jpg

boot menu certainly represents both window XP and window 7 also window xp partition is active primary partition that the BIOS boots from . A while ago, I did clean install window 7 and have 100 MB system reserved partition same as your information, yet current different situation (no 100 MB system reserved partition) confuses me.

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and where your Win7 install (added to your existing WinXP environment) placed its own boot manager files.

means that it is possible to access to those boot manager files and copy to window 7 partition E so that the crucial files for bootability would be in the same partition , do I understand correctly ?

Normally, I use window partition (both xp and window 7) for installing applications only other documents would be stored in other drive this help prevent losing data on system failure.

Per your advice , to back up both partition at the same time, I am aware of times (it might take twice) and backup version during restoration. My machine recently failed and needed to try more than twice with different backup versions. Moreover, I have clean install backup version for window xp which could not be merged with current backup these are the reason why I ask about location and possibility to copy window 7 boot manager files to window 7 partition E and backup both system partitions separately.

please advise,

thank you

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