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23 Aug 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

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I am having an issue with Dirt 3 that appears to be related to GFWL. here are the nuts and bolts... and this happened on two systems.

1 Purcahsed and installed via steam.
2 Game launches and plays just fine except for terrible stuttering about every 2 minutes.
3 Noticed that GFWL takes about 18 seconds to log in.
4 The stuttering that the game suffers from last.... about 18 seconds. Hmmmm.
5 Play game in offline mode, GFWL not logged in, offline only, no multiplayer, no stutters.
6 Stutter happens in single or multiplayer, as long as GFWL is logged in.
7 It's not the PC hardware (i5 2500k, Nvidia GTX 275... all higher end components). Same thing happened on my old Q9550.
8 The router was taken out of the loop by plugging PC directly into my cable modem, same problem.
9 Old system had Avast, new has NOD32, same problem.
10 Have tried running with Win7 FW shut down, same result, both systems.
11 Using all WHQL drivers, system is up to date.
12 Have uninstalled GFWL and purged registry, rebooted, gotten latest GFWL and login assistant from MS. Problem persists.
13 Codemasters offers as little assistance as possible. Pathetic.
14 MS isn't going to help little old me.
15 Steam forums and many others (even vids showing the same problem on Youtube) discuss the same problem, no consistent or reliable solution. Some people develop the problem spontaneously, others have it go away by by reinstalling the OS or installing the game on an SSD.... sure, just for Dirt I'm going to buy an SSD.

I'm no pro, but neither am I a PC idiot. in 25 years of gaming, this is the 1st game I have purchased that I have not been able to overcome a technical problem.

Any help that can be offered is greatly appreciated.
does it look like this:

this was a video i uploaded 3 months ago, i uninstalled windows live sign in assistant, rebooted, downloaded this > and installed it, rebooted and started the game, stuttering had stopped
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