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26 Aug 2011  

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

Hi Ganjiri, I have my pump running off the 3pin header on the board even tho that header is a 4 pin. The connector from the pump is a 3pin anyway and it works ok...
Your temps look ok for mine...only reason I watercooled mine is I originally had the CPU pushing 4ghz but I now run it at 3.8 with HT enabled 24/7. It would run at 4 with HT but I found it got a lil hot for my liking so I wound it back some.
BTW the CPU fan header is a PWM one so it will vary your fan speed according to the temp your CPU is generating. I have disabled CPU temp monitoring on the board because it would not compete POST with the fans running on another header. The BIOS will not find the fans if you connect to anything else other than the CPU header and I had to hit the F1 key for it to complete POST and boot into Windows.
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