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01 Sep 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Computer problems after hardware upgrade!

I'm not that good in english, but I'll try my best because here in Finland we do not have too many good Win7 forums..

Okay, problem/question is that: I just recently upgraded my computers motherboard/cpu and memorys. I did not make any changes to Win7 Ultimate x64 after the upgrade, and was amazed that everything worked like a charm just after the first boot!

But recently there have been some problems, for an example Silverlight netstreams does not work and they just give me some errorcode (can't remember exact code right now) but it meant that streaming ain't working because of some DRM-problems and such because of 'changed computers parts'., all in all, my question is that is it wise to run Win7 just like that after HW upgrade, or should I do clean install? I know that clean install is wisest thing to do, but I have SO much stuff installed etc. so that it wouldn't be such an easy task.

I remember that when I had Win98 and for an example upgraded motherboard+cpu, it was enough to remove some things from device manager, and after that everything worked like a charm. But is there any that kind of solution when upgrading Win7 machines hardware?
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