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03 Sep 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Thanks for the help on this!

I'd like to post a few results as well as make a few points.

First, this computer would crash after sleep right after it was built. No antivirus software, or any other software was installed. I will still remove Norton to check, but I'm doubing that will be the issue.

The missing driver appears to be a USB video device driver. It states that it is not installed. I have no idea what this is so I'm thinking it's somehting I may have had plugged in at one point I no longer use. Also, I used the driver program you recommended. I let it scan and then I updated one of the drivers it said was out of date. After the update, I had it scan again and it still says it is out of date. I even updated with the exact version it said was the newest. I'm not sure how much I trust that program to give them 30 bucks for it.

I reset windows update per your instructions. I also installed two updates.

THe next thing to check is HDDs. I'm the most concerned about this situation. This computer has two SATA drives (Maxtor and Western Digital) and two SCSI drives (Seagate and Fujitsu). I am unable to find a suitable testing utility for the SCSI drives. Can you offer a suggestion on this?
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