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04 Sep 2011  

windows 7 32 bit Ultimate

Let's pretend i "understand" .. . logicearth, apart from the fact that i'm not a dev & this "You would need a completely custom built boot process to do what you want." makes no sense to me, technically speaking ))

But my intimate conviction is .. .

If someone tries to esc before windows is loading, he won't reach windows, nor a boot menu, but
the bios settings which will get him nowhere, the aim is to prevent an app erasing data to be escaped
when launched from autoexec.nt, by remapping esc during the load process of windows & f5 or f8 (i mean,
the key that sends us to the windows boot menu), in other words guys .. .

It seems to me that it's a windows & not a bios issue ...

Now let me tell you something, logicearth & a guy, if i don't get a solution in a few hours,
you'll both have a virtual death on ur consciences, i'll go build a virtual rope & hang myself in the
network .. .

You're warned .. .

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