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07 Sep 2011  

Windows Professional 64 bit.
Can't address files on mapped drive.

Hi all I am new to this forum and have a real poser of a problem.

On Saturday I got a new computer to be the server for the data that I use to run my office. That software requires that the workstations attached to it map the root drive of the "server" and address it through the data path C:\MPN

I have four workstations (all win 7 pro 64) attached to the server and before I cut over to the new box everything was working well. (That machine however was on it's last legs and I was afraid it was going to go out spectacularly) All of the work stations but one mapped the drive and ran the setup software perfectly. That one (I'll call it WS4) has been a nightmare.

All of the permissions are set for the work group and WS4 is a member of the work group. It took two days of fiddling but I got the drive mapped now I am getting the "Z:\MPN is not accessible. Access is denied." error. I just can't figure it out and I am about to start pulling out what little remains of my hair. All of the other work stations work perfectly. Any ideas?

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