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08 Sep 2011  

Windows 7 Professional 64bit
Serious problem with removing 'run' window history.

My system is Win 7 Pro 64 bit.
I have a big problem with removing 'run' window history, and I don't mean removing MRU.
Just after typing the first letter of disk drive, the list of I think any recently used files pops up (and these are not only files accessed from 'run' window, there are also files opened normally from Explorer windows).
I have completely no idea where to look now.
I tried: CCleaner, MRUBlaster. I've even watched what happens to registry and files in ProcessMonitor but unfortunately every spoor was false.
I thougt that this might be related to indexing but the case concerns also drives and directories which are not indexed at all by windows indexing service.

I attach a screen for you to understand better:

any help will be appreciated, i'm starting to despair a little..

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