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18 Sep 2011  

Windows 8
Recommend me a good cheap laptop

Could anyone recommend me a Windows laptop that can watch 1080 Videos, can run Windows 7, and does not have loud fan noise like the MacBook and MacBook Pro? Basically I want a laptop that can run a lot of applications at the same time without lagging and without tormenting your ears with the fan noise. And is cheap, maybe at most $500? And also does not get out of order easily when I drop it accidentally, and has relatively cheap warranty policy? I would be willing to buy used or refurbished computers if it fits my criteria, even if it's originally Windows XP computer but on which you can install Windows 7.

MacBook Pro warranty was like $350 for 2 years, which is kind of expensive in my opinion. BTW if you didn't buy a warranty at the end of the first year of free warranty, can you buy warranty later? So I wanted a computer with warranty of maybe at most $100 per 2 years.

I guess I could run bootcamp or Parallels on the Windows if I really need Mac? but so far I don't think I discovered anything definitely better in a Mac, except maybe the display. So I guess if I wanna use something like Final Cut Pro (Is there a Windows version that is just as good?) maybe I could just run Parallels (which is why I need a computer with good speed and size to tackle many apps at the same time)

Anyway I don't like running Parallels on Mac because I can't handle the fan sound that goes along with it, and there's lots of Windows-only apps that I couldn't run on Mac and was deprived of computer experience for years because of it. (And when I run Parallels it's too slow and loud)

However if there is no laptop or computer for 500 that can do all the things i mentioned, then just recommend me whatever.
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