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19 Sep 2011  

32 bit Win 7 Home Premium installed as a licensed UPGRADE from XP
win7 install on clean disk not working

OK, to remind you this is an ACER 5420 Laptop runnking with AMD Turion 64x2 CPU. It was originally purchased with XP installed, and I gather it was running at that time with a 32-bit OS. Since you've advised me to do a clean install, I formatted the entire disk NTFS and I've tried installing my licensed Windows7 64-bit OS.

The installatoin gets partway through and then tries to reboot on its own. It fails to do a reboot either if I leave the Wn7 install disk in the CD drive, or if I remove it. The Install screen does show Win7 OS is on the drive.

I tried the Repair startup options (surprising I'd have to do that on a clean install!) and it just brought me nowhere. I've obtained all the 32bit and 64bit Drivers from ACER for this model and I have them at this point on a drive on one of my other pc's. These drivers are all supplied in zipped form, so I have created a DVD that has (separately for 32bit and for 64 bit) the Unzipped drivers that are essential (there's one for the AMD CPU by the way). I then tried the Load Drivers option in the Win7 install repair stage, pointed it to some of the driver files, e.g the one for the display or mouse) and it returns with a message saying the "drivers are unsigned".

Why isn't the Win7 64bit install supplying the drivers it needs automatically? Should I abandon the attempt to install 64bit on this PC and go to the 32bit Win7 install disk that came with my win7 pkg? If so, that's a disappointment because the CPU is listed as 64bit.
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