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19 Sep 2011  

32 bit Win 7 Home Premium installed as a licensed UPGRADE from XP

I have another Point of Information for you: You've stated here that there's no such thing as a Win7 "Upgrade" from XP. On the label of the Win7 disks (both the 32bit and the 64bit versions) it says: "This program will search your system to confirm your eligibility for this upgrade". Unfortunately, I didn't pay any attention to that before I completely reformated my disk and I no longer can find the original ACER recovery disks that came with this PC. What's going on here? I think you may have misguided me and that this IS an UPGRADE and now it can't find what it is looking for to "qualify" for the upgrade. How do I recover from this? I'm rather sure I can find my original receipt (I bought that laptop from Best Buy but they don't carry ACER pc anymore). I still have ORIGINAL MS Product key label though! I kept it taped to the bottom of the laptop. The product key is: ***** ***** ***** ***** *****.
It's possible that 3rd segment is CRBY4. It's a bit difficult on this small type of the label to tell if that's an "8" or a "B". I took this info off the Proof of License label.
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