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19 Sep 2011  

32 bit Win 7 Home Premium installed as a licensed UPGRADE from XP

WELL, It looks like it's already been ****'d out. Sorry, I didn't mean to violate the policy.

FYI, I now have the sytem up and running through the kind (and free) help of MS Tech Support. Though I had reformatted the drive into one clean NTFS partition, apparently the key different step he had me go through to get this to install was to let the new installation DELETE that record. Then everything went thru smoothly. I'm now in the process of rebuilding with all the most-current updates, which will (of course) take some time.

I also have obtained all of the drivers from ACER that are supposed to work with this hardware. I have both 32bit and 64bit drivers from them. All of them are downloaded as zipped files. I suspect I'm going to have to install at least some of these drivers to fully exploit the ACER hardware. I intend to use the 64bit drivers because I installed the 64 bit Win7. If you have any further advice, feel free to offer it. Otherwise, you can consider this CASE CLOSED.
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