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24 Sep 2011  

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How do you know what to backup. Thanks.
PattiChati. I have a basic rule to tell anyone that wants to backup.

If you would weep, cry, knash your teeth or pound your head on the table
if that important photo(s) or document(s) disappeared. then I highly recommend
that you save it or copy it to another media.

It is a darn shame to see grown people cry when you have to tell them that the only copy of the great american novel was on that hard disk that crashed and destroyed all the data on the disk. Or someone broke in and stole their computer.
True case that I can think of was the daughter of a friend who had the only copy of her wedding pictures on her laptop hard disk and someone stole it.

Or, your laptop was stolen at starbucks when you got up to go to the bathroom.

any of the above is more than enough reason to backup your data.

Backing up can be as simple as saving a copy to a removable usb disk or as sophisticated as running a disk imaging program that creates a complete snapshot of your hard disk and stores it on an external hard disk or device.


PS; they sell at most electronics stores for less than $100 an USB external hard disk that includes a backup program. Just plug it in and in some cases, just push the button and it will search your computer and backup all the graphics and documents.

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