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07 Jul 2009  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

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With SSDs becoming a little more popular the pagefile becomes more comlicated than it is already. I have turned mine off because I don't want needless stuff being written to it. Seems to be fine.
Now that there are SSD out in the wild and with wear I would turn it off. But since I still have a standard drive and use programs that want to have a swap space I leave it set to 1.5 of my ram, I also have stuff open all the time. You will find people all over the place that says to leave it or to turn it off, let windows choose the size or set it manually. I've see all of them done and used all of them and each machine works differently with each setting. I would say try it off see how it run, then set it to a size or just let windows do its thing. I would love to see programers stop using the swap space and just use ram or unload items when needed. People have the ram now and faster hard drives so the swap drive is not needed as much as before.
Test each of the settings see how your machine acts then go with the best results.
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