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01 Oct 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Service Pack 1
Help on Imaging Scenario

Hi everyone!

I'm going to be asking for certain advice regarding my current HDD setup that I'd like to change.

My current setup is this:

1 X 80GB Physical HDD as my OS drive
1 X 500GB Physical HDD as program files and other data storage.

I'd like to have the contents of both HDDs on the 500GB physical drive. So in other words, I want the setup to be the exactly the same but on one physical HDD.

I also have a 1TB external drive that I can use to store the images on.

My current imaging program is Macrium Reflect.

Is there a way to do this? Please let me know in a step-by-step manner as I am an admitted noob when it comes to imaging, MBRs and the likes.

(Edit) P.S. The reason for this is there is no performance gain from what I did. Lol. I'll simply be giving the 80GB drive to my Dad for added storage for his netbook. I'll simply get a Sata to USB converter which is dirt cheap
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