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01 Oct 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Went from 32 bit to 64, now explorer shows no files

I recently got a virus and had a stick of ram go bad at the same time (bad luck). I decided to scrap the 4 gigs of ram and ordered 8 gigs. This meant I needed to move from 32 bit Win 7 to 64 bit. I wiped the partition to completely remove the virus and installed 64 bit. I realized that Windows Explorer (under "Computer") was showing the correct size of the drives and used space but if you "open" the drive to see the files and folders there is nothing there: "This folder is empty". I have a Ubuntu Live CD and can see the files there, so I am sure the data is still there but I can't get to it in windows 7. I installed and reinstalled drivers for my motherboard but no luck. I had Windows 7 check on updating the drivers for the hard drives and it said it was using the best driver available. I was sure this was a driver issued but now I'm not sure.

edit: I realized I didn't explain my hard drive situation. I have a WD 1.5 TB with 2 partitions: 250 gig (system) and 1.25 TB (data). The other HD is a WD 1.0 TB (data) not partitioned.

Thanks in advance for any help. I am at the point where I may try a reinstall. Any ideas?

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