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02 Oct 2011  

Windows 10 64bit Ultimate
Need some assistance with software (jasic, et all)

Ok I have, or rather had, before my rig 160GB drive just voluntarily decided to say nope i no work no more, and it happened during the transfer of my Jasc studio software (no don't have the disk as it was broken a long time ago and I always had an ISO on hand in case I needed to access any thing on disk and re-burn it [used as back up only]) well after the drive quit it was lost and i really don't feel like going through the oh you got to buy our software again BS, but I will if needed...

my question to you guys and gals is this, is there a FREE alternative to the Jasc software in general? IE the entire studio software, i mainly am wanting a free alternative to the animation studio program/software that would let me do similar things like editing video clips and the like and save into different file formats and other similar tasks? (thats partly how I make my custom animated avatars in the first place)

PS: sorry for the title not really following the guide lines but i wasnt sure how to word the title anyways...
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