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08 Oct 2011  

Windows 7 64 bits

I've noticed that RazerMambaSystray.exe was eating up to 17% of my cpu at idle, so ive turned it off. I used the previous driver version on my old computer (2 weeks+ ago) without that problem. Not sure if this is related at all since I havent let my pc run for a while since turning it off.

Also managed to finally install the complete asus ai suite which updated a few things like usb drivers. I've also turned down my overclock ration from 45x to 38x at 1.29v in the hopes of seeing if that makes the system not BSOD anymore.

Before doing all these changes, I got about 4 more BSOD'S which gave the message "DRIVER_IRQ_LESS_OR_EQUAL" while watching some videos on vlc player.

If the last crash report dumps didnt provide these errors, i'll be glad to repack the new dumps so you can help find out what was the cause!

Could it be a faulty video card? It might have been causing problems on my old computer as well (games randomly crashing here and there, but no system crash)
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