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09 Oct 2011  

7 Home Premium x 64
HD Errors. Added 1. Install W 7. Both show at first. Now gone.

Dell XPS 17 L1701X

Hi -

So ... I have trial tomorrow and I'm panicking.

My hard drive (with about 300g of data I actually use), started having errors. I'm out of town but I happened to have another hard drive with no important data. I installed it (physically), booted from it, and installed Windows 7 home premium from a resource recovery disk.

At first, both drives showed up. I got an error saying my pc was predicting imminent failure of the one I was seeking to back up. I reboot, and it's gone.

I've researched the other threads and attempted the fixes (i.e. computer management stuff, take ownership, refresh hard drive list) to no avail.

One thing I just thought of is that the (now) primary drive has home premium and the (failing) secondary drive has just plain ol W 7. Not sure that would effect anything.

Timely replies get my heartfelt gratitude.

P.S. I'm working on a different PC atm, so I can't screen shot. But what shows is an un-assigned OEM Partition, CD-Rom drive, Disk 0 (main), and a recovery volume. All simple, all healthy.

I did notice that the failing drive was assigned number 5 when I could see it.
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